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Ship your golf clubs and travel stress-free

If you travel with golf clubs, you know that one of the most stressful parts of a vacation is getting your equipment to and from the course. You’ve got to lug your heavy bag through busy airports, rent a car large enough to carry it (and be charged extra for this service), and take the time to carefully load your clubs into the trunk. If you’ve ever travelled with golf equipment—or worse, tried renting some at your destination—you know there’s an easier way: shipping.

Golf rental clubs are nearly impossible to play with.

  • Golf rental clubs are not the same as your own. In most cases, golf rentals aren’t even close to being the same quality as a high-end set of golfing equipment.
  • Golf rental clubs are not in good condition. Most people don’t treat their rental sets with care, so they’re often old and worn out by the time you get them—and you can feel it when you swing them down on the course!
  • Golf rental clubs are not tuned appropriately for your style of play or skill level. In some cases, this also means that there is no grip tape on the shafts—a major problem if you have sweaty hands or like to grip firmly while hitting balls off tees and greens alike!
  • Golf rental clubs may not be sized correctly for your height or weight (if they’re adjustable), which can cause issues both on the course and in other sports where these types of things matter (like volleyball).

Traveling with golf clubs is always a hassle.

Because golf clubs are very heavy, and take up a lot of space, it can be hard to decide how you want to travel with them. You don’t want to just throw them in your trunk because that’s dangerous. You also don’t want to check them as baggage on an airplane or train because they will get damaged over time. The best way is by taking advantage of shipping services like TripHero.

Ship your golf clubs and travel stress free.

Whether you are traveling to play golf, or simply enjoy the sport, there are few things more stressful than traveling with your clubs. You have to worry about airlines that lose or damage your equipment and rental cars where the trunk space might not be big enough for all of your clubs. In addition, you need to make sure that each piece is accounted for when it comes time to return them. At TriipHero we have created a way for travelers to pack their bags and travel stress-free by delivering their equipment directly to their hotel or destination location on their own schedule.

Renting golf clubs at your destination is not the way to go.

Renting clubs is not the way to go. It’s expensive, inconvenient, unreliable and pretty much everything that renting a car isn’t. If you want your golf vacation to be relaxing and worry-free, it’s best if you just bring your own set of clubs with you.


If you want to play a round of golf while on vacation, we highly recommend that you ship your clubs instead of hauling them around with you or renting them at the course. TripHero does a great job making sure your clubs get to where they need to go safely and on time. You’ll be pleased at how easy it is to use our service. We hope this article has given you some insight into why shipping your clubs is the best way to travel stress-free!


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