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How to ship your luggage and skis :

You provide information about your trip, we send you tags and arrange a pick-up at your location, and you meet your bags at your destination.  It’s that easy.

What We Do

Imagine a World Without Baggage Claim

TripHero is the first and only complete solution to the multi-layered problem of traveling with luggage and equipment.

After you’ve placed your order, your luggage tags will be sent directly to you and we will schedule a pick up at your doorstep. Simply pack your bags and place those tags on your belongings and we will do the rest. Your bags will be safely delivered to your hotel room, back home, or any destination. Additionally, with our text updates, you will know where your bags are at all times.


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After you book your accommodations, schedule your luggage shipment.

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Ship It

Next, pack your belongings. We will pick everything up from your doorstep and have it waiting at your final stop. 

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Spend more time enjoying your vacation and less time dragging luggage and gear. 

Preferred Shipping Partner of FedEx

Big Backing
Local Support

TripHero prides itself on owning the last mile and making sure your bags arrive safely at your door. 

We partner with the most respected name in shipping, so you can rest assured knowing that your items are on track and in good hands with FedEx.

The Last Mile

Fast Efficient #BaggageFree Traveling

With corporate offices in Vail and hubs at many key resorts, we are operators, logistics professionals, and community supporters. As the official shipping partner of Alterra resorts, TripHero is a trusted name in luggage shipping. Sleep easy knowing that there is someone at the end of the phone and a TripHero rep right around the corner from your resort destination.

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