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Luggage Crisis Plagues The Holidays

Over the last few days, the Southwest Airlines traveling crisis has caused upheaval across the country as thousands of people are stranded without their luggage. Instead of spending the holidays with family and friends, frustrated and exhausted travelers are sitting around airports wondering if they will ever see their belongings again.

As a result, media outlets all over the United States are showing photos of seas of baggage at airports in Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston, among other places, and more flights are being cancelled:

If those people had shipped their bags, their levels of stress and frustration would be much lower – and that’s where TripHero comes in. By shipping bags early through TripHero, travelers have more flexibility when flights are delayed or cancelled. They also have peace of mind that their luggage will be waiting on them – not the other way around.

Hopefully those who actually find their luggage in the purgatory that is currently baggage claim will choose to ship their belongings home after the chaos they’ve endured. No one wants to start 2023 dealing with this nightmare!


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