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Expect Record Numbers This Ski Season


Colorado is on schedule to its best ski season in history. Not only have our resorts received more snow than ever before, but also sunshine, meaning that most of the state has been able to enjoy a long season filled with fun and good times.

Colorado resorts are getting ready

Steamboat Ski Area in Colorado is set to have the largest opening day in nearly a decade. The amount of terrain is the most available on opening day since the 2014/2015 season eight years ago. The release credits Steamboat snowmaking teams for the ability to open so much terrain so early, as well as five feet of pre-season snowfall. This could mean great things for ski resorts across the country, and especially those located in Colorado where winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy all sorts of activities no matter what time they want to go skiing or snowboarding.

As well as a higher than average snowfall, the state has been bathed in sunshine

As well as a higher than average snowfall, the state has been bathed in sunshine. That’s good news for Colorado’s ski season. Sunshine helps the snowpack, which is essential to a good season. It also helps with the snowmaking process and gives skiers more hours on the slopes to enjoy themselves.


All in all, it’s been a great year for the state of Colorado. With so much snowfall, we’re sure to see some awesome ski runs in the coming months. If you live here or plan on visiting soon, make sure to check out these record-breaking resorts!


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