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Traveling is hard enough. What if those bags could magically transport themselves?
That's the idea behind TripHero

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How it Works

Get Trip Ready
It's simple - pack what you need just like you would normally. Use your own luggage, or use our patented SkiPod.
TripHero Delivers
We pick up your luggage, and whisk it away to your destination with status updates of our every move, allowing you to move luggage-free.
It's At the Destination
No long lines to pick up luggage, and no waiting. When you arrive at your destination, your gear will be right there for you.

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Number of Bags*

1st Leg

Standard Rates are 3-5 days shipping
One-Way Standard Transport Per Bag
Bag Type
Small Bag (fits in overhead) or Ski Boot Bag
Includes ski boot bags and carry on bags that would fit into an overhead compartment on a plane.
Golf Bag
Includes ski bags that hold two pair of skis or checked bags or duffles that weigh over 50 lbs
Large Bag (<50lbs but doesn't fit in overhead) or Single Ski Bag
Includes standard size ski bags holding one pair of skis and accessories or a checked bag weighing under 50 lbs.
X-Large Bag (>50lbs) or Double Ski Bag
Includes ski bags that hold two pair of skis or checked bags or duffles that weigh over 50 lbs

Get Traveling!

You’re almost ready to hit the slopes, enjoy spectacular views, and leave your worries behind. The only thing standing between you and your destination is a heavy, awkward, and expensive pile of bags and equipment.

Introducing the SkiPod

Designed with your gear in mind.

  • Hassle Free

    Built for your needs, our SkiPod makes packing your skiing equipment easy
  • Durable & Secure

    This hard-sided case is built to survive any trip you might take.
  • Built to Work

    Our specialized ski boxes are designed to hold one pair of skis/poles or one snowboard.
  • Guaranteed

    We stick behind our SkiPod, ensuring that it will protect your gear.

Happy Travelers

We stand by our quality of service

By shipping my family's luggage out early, and having SkiPodz store our skis, I no longer have to rent an SUV when I travel to Colorado. That saves me $200 per day. Thank you SkiPodz.
It was such a great service and glad we took advantage of it. Definitely would not have all fit in the rental car without it.
As an avid skier from the East Coast, I am often frustrated by the difficulty of luggage transportation (damaged skis, delayed arrival, additional costs, etc). I look forward to using your service and I anticipate that traveling out west will be easier, less stressful and will eliminate the hassle of having to check over-sized bags.